About Us

About Us

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Nita Bernier-Cirioni, is the owner of a booming pet sitting and dog walking business in Tallahssee, FL called Walk the Tail. It was founded in 2000, and has grown to over 450 clients. After realizing most of her animals could live up to 15 years, she questioned what would happen to them if something happened to her. That’s when After You’ve Gone, the pet placement
program fundraised for here, was born.

Nita is friends with all her clients, and the pets are naturally drawn to her. Nita’s family members have a natural affinity with pets. They are fortunate to work together and enjoy interacting with the client’s whole family.

The most rewarding thing about what we do is knowing our visit provided rest and relaxation for our clients and a non-stressful event for our furry charges.

Nita was born in Long Island, NY, and obtained a Psychology and Leisure-Services degrees from Florida State University in 1982. She has a Master’s Degree in Parks and Recreation and College Union Administration from Western Illinois University. Previously, Nita taught Commercial and Resort Recreation at FSU and worked for various hotels and cruise ships as a guide.

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Our team members: Nita, George, Parker and Dalilah. Both children are interested in veterinary science. We are so fortunate to have daily, hands-on experience with our llamas, alpacas, sheep, miniature horses, bunnies, dogs and more. What an education!

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